Our Vision, Mission, Values and Drive at Oasis Law Office.


With our unrivalled attention to detail, absolute discretion and dynamic approach, Oasis Law Office, aims at providing an unparalleled legal service that combines professionalism with the unique personal touch of a boutique practice.

Our Mission

To serve our clients through the provision of a carefully thought through and professional legal advice and services at the highest possible standards.

To represent and meet the needs of our clients timeously, ensuring their confidence of having taken an informed decision which has good value for money.

Our Values

We Value Winning

In litigation there are winners and losers, and we do not sleep well when we lose. When clients hire lawyers, they do not just want someone to handle their cases; they want someone to win them. They want someone who hates losing at least as much as they love winning.


In fighting hard and winning for our clients, we play by the rules. Credibility is our stock in trade. We don't hide documents; we don't mis-cite cases; we don't mislead; we don't twist the truth. We believe it is the only way.


We value excellence. We pride ourselves on our written work through a excellent research. First and foremost, we are lawyers, but we recognize that our clients are best served if a case can be won without trial. Many cases that do go to trial are won before the judge is even seated by motions to dismiss, for summary judgment or other motions that shape the way the case is presented. We believe motions should be won on the papers before the hearing. We balance excellence with cost-effectiveness, knowing that our briefs are a means to an end, not an end in themselves.

About Oasis Law Office

Oasis Law Office and Consult (OLOC), established in 2004, is a consortium of brilliant lawyers and expert consultants in human resource and international affairs. At Oasis law Office, we are committed to excellence in the legal practice and to providing the highest standard of expertise in Ghanaian law to both domestic and international clients.

Contact Us

  • P.O. Box KA 16316 - Accra, Ghana
  • Nii Adonten Street, Tse Addo
  • Digital Address No. : GL0511833
  • (Behind Ghana Trade Fair Centre Junction Opposite Goil
  • Filling Station then 5th Junction on the left)